Forum for planning logistical preparation for the upcoming events surrounding the Lipan Apache visit to Carlisle May 14-17.

Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm setting up this space in order to encourage easy communication among the organizers and participants of the upcoming events in May 2009 in Carlisle. Anyone involved in the planning is invited to initiate messages to be shared with everyone else. Permissions will be given for the principle email addresses, and if anyone needs to be added please email or so you will be included and given access to moderate the blog.

This might be a good way for everyone to see and participate in the planning for the ceremonies and feasts surrounding the memorials to the Lost Ones.

Jump in and feel free to make your plans / ideas / brainstorming known.

It's all good,

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  1. I have cooked a pot of soup and a pot of traditional, PA Dutch baked beans - Aunt Martha's recipe. I am planning to make the run to the train station tomorrow to pick up Mr. Romero and Ms. Tamez. Is the time 12:45?

    I am telling people to meet at the Agway at 2:30 for carpooling.

    Some questions still - are there plans for Saturday? I know Rudy, Lorie, Rudy Jr, Richard and Anita will be heading to Penn State for the graduation. Will you all be coming back down to Carlisle Sunday? Jackie will need to be at the airport for her return flight to England Sunday at about 3 or 4PM, so we will need to leave Carlisle sometime after 1:00 PM.

    For anybody who doesn't have plans Saturday afternoon/evening, we are having a birthday party for my 3-year old granddaughter. It's a pot luck fun party and you will be welcome there. I'll make up maps.



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