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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

lost ones

It will be an honor to be able to be at the tribute to some of our lost ones in May 2009 in Pennsylvania. This is very much needed in our families and although many will not be able to attend those of us that are feel humbled by their support. My wife and I may be a little delayed because of a very important meeting with other Apaches but are planning on being present. We will spend as much time as we are able in the area so we can visit and research places and people that are very important to our people, the Lipan Apache. We have come across several other Lipan Apache family in the area of Lawton and Anadarko, Oklahoma and had the privilege to visit with Comanche friends who helped guide us to some burial places as well as some homes last week. We also visited some family graves near an old mission site near Waco, Texas and visited an elder who our family had lost contact with for many years. My wife and I recorded and took pictures of all places and people we came across. Here in Texas we have found burial sites hidden just out of sight of European settler graveyards or hidden in the woods. Rarely and almost never are our people allowed to be buried with whites, or even within eyesight. In the rare instances when our ancestors were buried in white graveyards the graves are not marked. Although there is much in history that is bitter we as Lipan Apache honor the STRENGH and COURAGE that our ancestors possessed in order to make it possible for us to be here today. May the Creator make a safe road for all that travel to honor and pay special respect to some of the lost ones. May all our hearts and minds be open to give and recieve all that is good. We simply must do what is right in the best way we are able. We are grateful to all who have come together to make this possible.

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