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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lost Ones

In November 1528 "Our world was forever changed," they say.

As I met with the leaders of the Nde it was proclaimed by all that the spirits of the "Lost Ones" will finally be allowed to make the journey home. What was forever changed, will now be one again, they say.

To Dr. Jacqueline Fear-Segal the Nde will forever make mention of her name in our traditional history for finding the Lost Ones. As the days are counted to send our Lost Ones home, they say.

Among our people the life of the Lost Ones will never be known. With the discovery of the Lost Ones the people can only imagine their life.

To the family of the Lost Ones you come from the Cuélcahen Ndé (People of the Tall Grass) that extends beyond time, we offer to you a part of your life is missing . . . come sit, eat, and enjoy our company . . . they say.

With this in mind, our lives become much more richer with the knowledge that the Lost Ones have come home in our hearts and minds.

Nant’ áń Ndé
Daniel Castro Romero, Jr., M.S.W.
General Council Chairman
Lipan Apache Band of Texas

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  1. I want also to recognize the initial research by Genevieve Bell who first made the connection between Richard Kesetta and his mother, Kersetta. Kersetta was called Kersetta Roosevelt as a student at Carlisle. It was Genevieve who suspected Richard Kisitti/Kesetta was really Kersetta's son and she confirmed that - through her research at the National Archives. With permission, I would like to include Genevieve in these messages so that she might realize the fruits of her labor first set forth in the 1990's.

    I look forward to participating in the upcoming events and thank you and Richard and Anita for your many kindnesses in sharing information about these lost ones.



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