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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This week of ceremony and visiting with friends at Carlisle is one that can only be lived and not put down in words. I was very honored and will now go home and sit with our families so they can know and understand what has taken place. All our people have looked forward to this day and now these young ones lives have been completed and are home. Many things were learned by all who were able to attend and much more was learned by all who visited after the ceremonies. I hope we left everyone with a little more understanding on how our families feel and see the history that has affected all our families for so long. Our schools and government have written history as they see it and most of us have just repeated what was written. We all know there is another side to these stories but what is it? Many of us learn to look at how the Indian schools "helped" the Indians and maybe we just want to walk away with the thought that it was not all bad. I wonder how many of those children and families would have succeeded if they had just been left alone. This can not be looked as an experiment. I has to be remembered for what it was, much worse. Our country has apologized for wrongful acts it has done to peoples such as the Japanese, yet much worse has been done to an entire nation of Indigenous People and all we hear is silence. Indeed silence speaks louder that words. For us we choose to honor our ancestors strength, courage and all that it took for them to live through this turmoil and to bring us here today. We honor them and will never forget them. All of them.
Richard Gonzalez
Lipan Apache Band of Texas

Monday, May 18, 2009


News Report article by Rick Seltzer, with photo of Richard and Anita.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This book by Jacqueline Fear-Segal is the first published account of the story of the "Lost Ones." She writes about Kersetta Roosevelt, so named after her enrollment to the Carlisle Indian School. To the Lipan, her people, she was lost. Her brother was lost to them, as well. Her child, Dick Kaseeta, was adopted and raised by a couple from Carlisle. He lived at Bellaire Park, an amusement park on the Conodoguinet Creek where friends and family will gather after the ceremonies Friday. This property belongs to Susan Rose and Steve Brouwer. Dick Kasetta's niece, Tess and other family members will be with us.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

other Lipans that will attend

I visited Rudy Perez (our 1st Vice Chairman) who has his daughter at Penn State (she is graduating on the 16th) he confirmed he and his daughter Lorie as well as his son Rudy jr. will be there.....Our two elders will not be able to attend.... Lorie has a Jicarilla Apache friend who said he will be attending as well. (I do not know his name)
On the 17th (Sunday) we would be able to do a ceremony for Kasetta, on our way to New York. If possible Anita and I would like the details for Dickensen College so we may be able to attend the talk there.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

We shall remain

While watching PBS showing of We Shall Remain, segment of Apache children sent to Indian Schools we saw picture of Kasetta and Jack with other Apache children. We know there are many other children that were taken and died away from thier families during this period of our history. Anita and I continue to search for those that were lost and some who have family that still live on with little or no knowledge of how they got here. Anita and I will be at all the sites where our family were buried.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lost Ones

In November 1528 "Our world was forever changed," they say.

As I met with the leaders of the Nde it was proclaimed by all that the spirits of the "Lost Ones" will finally be allowed to make the journey home. What was forever changed, will now be one again, they say.

To Dr. Jacqueline Fear-Segal the Nde will forever make mention of her name in our traditional history for finding the Lost Ones. As the days are counted to send our Lost Ones home, they say.

Among our people the life of the Lost Ones will never be known. With the discovery of the Lost Ones the people can only imagine their life.

To the family of the Lost Ones you come from the Cuélcahen Ndé (People of the Tall Grass) that extends beyond time, we offer to you a part of your life is missing . . . come sit, eat, and enjoy our company . . . they say.

With this in mind, our lives become much more richer with the knowledge that the Lost Ones have come home in our hearts and minds.

Nant’ áń Ndé
Daniel Castro Romero, Jr., M.S.W.
General Council Chairman
Lipan Apache Band of Texas

lost ones

It will be an honor to be able to be at the tribute to some of our lost ones in May 2009 in Pennsylvania. This is very much needed in our families and although many will not be able to attend those of us that are feel humbled by their support. My wife and I may be a little delayed because of a very important meeting with other Apaches but are planning on being present. We will spend as much time as we are able in the area so we can visit and research places and people that are very important to our people, the Lipan Apache. We have come across several other Lipan Apache family in the area of Lawton and Anadarko, Oklahoma and had the privilege to visit with Comanche friends who helped guide us to some burial places as well as some homes last week. We also visited some family graves near an old mission site near Waco, Texas and visited an elder who our family had lost contact with for many years. My wife and I recorded and took pictures of all places and people we came across. Here in Texas we have found burial sites hidden just out of sight of European settler graveyards or hidden in the woods. Rarely and almost never are our people allowed to be buried with whites, or even within eyesight. In the rare instances when our ancestors were buried in white graveyards the graves are not marked. Although there is much in history that is bitter we as Lipan Apache honor the STRENGH and COURAGE that our ancestors possessed in order to make it possible for us to be here today. May the Creator make a safe road for all that travel to honor and pay special respect to some of the lost ones. May all our hearts and minds be open to give and recieve all that is good. We simply must do what is right in the best way we are able. We are grateful to all who have come together to make this possible.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm setting up this space in order to encourage easy communication among the organizers and participants of the upcoming events in May 2009 in Carlisle. Anyone involved in the planning is invited to initiate messages to be shared with everyone else. Permissions will be given for the principle email addresses, and if anyone needs to be added please email or so you will be included and given access to moderate the blog.

This might be a good way for everyone to see and participate in the planning for the ceremonies and feasts surrounding the memorials to the Lost Ones.

Jump in and feel free to make your plans / ideas / brainstorming known.

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